Let the Games Begin

Today I start the development blog for the first title of our new company, Iron Ninja Games (see website you’re in).

The current plan for the company is to develop and submit three mobile games by July 1, 2015. These games will be made in succession, one after the other. Of course, if one hits big and requires a lot of additional attention, we’ll go ahead and tweak this plan along with the sportiness of our cars.

“The Beaver Game”

The first of the three projects will be a twitch game reminiscent of one you might have played at your birthday pizza party in Chuck E Cheese – but with a new twist. The goal is to protect trees from beavers that emerge from the ground to attack them. While it might seem a lot like whack-a-mole at first, the game quickly adds a ton of strategy and variety with many flavors of beavers, power ups, and objects you’ll want to avoid hitting by accident (like bombs).

This game actually has a bit of history to it. It was originally started several years ago when some friends and I were talking about making a whack-a-mole type game with a funny title (the title I’ll reveal at a later date), so I gave it a crack. It took a couple weeks to make in Flash as it was super simple, but other work got hectic and it was set aside.

Flash beaver game 2D (2011)

Flash beaver game 2D (2011)

A year later, I wanted to learn Unity 3D and decided to use that game idea to do it with. Then more work derailing, which led to more setting it aside.

First time programming in Unity3D — Game Play (2012)

First time programming in Unity3D — Game Play (2012)

Fast forward to last month, I unearthed the old game and decided it was pretty much 50% complete, so why not finish it and launch it as the first title? Simply get it to a place that is playable, submit to the App store, then get on with the next one, right? Not quite.

In the course of the last few weeks I realized many of the new features that will really carry the game to a new level, from a cartoon world saga map to fully rigged, beaver animations to multiple chapter locations and power ups. While the original plan was for this game to be the “easy one” that we could quickly launch and learn the mobile ropes with, it’s now changed to become a bigger push with vastly more development.

As of today, the game engine is several times better looking and enjoyable than the earlier prototypes. In fact, reviewing the images above now feels like thumbing through an old yearbook.

So what does the new game look like? Don’t worry, I’ll be posting plenty of media as I blog on development in the coming weeks/months. But for now, I don’t want to miss the chance for a pre-release broody teaser:

Coming soon...

Coming soon…

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