Many Hats

For the last two weeks I’ve been blazing through code, building new levels, setting up small tutorial animations, and updating the button graphics. The first half of this week I had to put on the business hat and get the branding material ready for this and the Facebook site for IronNinjaGames as well. When I put my programmer hat back on yesterday, I found myself staying up and programming until 9 in the morning.

While most of this development has been relatively trouble free, I did run into two new challenges: (1) overhauling the 2D graphics like buttons and text, and (2) changing the the way animation drives the game.

2D Overhaul

Current 2D button style

Current 2D button style

The 2D graphics were originally set up with a third party framework known as “2D Toolkit” and it has been generally nice to work with. However, I started using this way back when I was first learning Unity in 2011 and its 2D engine was fairly lackluster. Now I have it from a pretty good source that the just-about-to-be-released 2D engine for Unity is extremely easy and will probably be my new replacement.

Okay, that’s swell, but how long until the update is officially released? Are we talking weeks or months? Given how close my source said it was to being ready, I think I’ll take the chance it will be 1-2 months and cross my fingers. Hopefully I don’t have a future blog post that refers back to this one with regret!

Animation Events

Beaver in Modo

Beaver in Modo

The modeler for our game, Jason, has been sending over some great stuff. However, he works remotely and also has other commitments to bounce against. So in the case of the beaver animations used in the game, I may have to find a way to tweak them myself, which is why I’m trying out a new modeling/animation program called Modo. Jason uses it now and hopefully our work pipeline will go smoothly if I’m making use of it myself.

Once I have that mastered, I can have more of my game driven by “Animation Events” which will allow it look a lot smoother and tighter overall.

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