The First Great Curve Ball

When I started the project a few years ago, it was well known that Unity was the king of 3D but had a poor 2D/GUI system. Thus, two competing libraries by third party vendors were getting the most use at that time: NGUI and Toolkit 2D. After some research, I threw my hat in with Toolkit 2D. Sure enough, NGUI ends up becoming the bigger powerhouse, but by then I was too far into TK2D to head back.

In the mean time, Unity continued to promise it would have a brand new, fully improved GUI system coming out in this release or that release. It never happened. Many developers felt like Charlie Brown constantly trying to kick Lucy’s football.

Which brings me around to the now imminent 4.6 release of Unity 3D. Indeed, it appears the new GUI overhaul is actually right around the corner. Not only did they provide this amazing 30 minute overview video: , I’ve personally had a few friends who are in the beta test confirm it is well worth the wait. Which is important, because I’ve been more and more convinced I need to overhaul my GUI and I’d rather do it with something native if possible.

Yet, who knows for sure when the 4.6 release will truly be in hand? Right now they project it will be “summer” — which to me means “probably the very last week of this summer” at the earliest. (Have you ever had a company promise something within X to Y time frame and it was closer to X than to Y? Me neither.)

So alas, I’m going to try to focus on everything in my game minus the GUI for as long as I can. Hopefully the 4.6 will drop soon. I don’t want to be lying on the ground in the grass like Charlie Brown.

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