New Trees, New Scenery, and New Sounds

Updated Trees and Scenery

Updated Trees and Scenery

First, we’ve had our rockstar of an artist, Bri, model us some new trees. We now have two different flavors, one with two limbs and one with three. I had the idea to make them more “cartoonish” by adding bones to the limbs and it’s really made a huge difference. You’ll see when we have gameplay videos out soon. I particularly like how Bri’s tree style is very unique. It really makes them stand out.

I had been toying with the idea of adding more scenery than just the trees and finally took the plunge. Sure, it makes the environment a little busier, but in a good way. Now the plants, mushrooms, and rocks clear to the side as the beavers emerge from their holes. It actually looks pretty slick. That said, I still have a lot more work to do on the textures for both the scenery and the ground under it.

I’m currently refreshing the sounds for the app, particularly in the bumpers and interface feedback. It’s funny how much tweaking you can do in the area of sound when you start getting into it.

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