Monthly Archives: October 2014

I’d post a picture on this one, but I’m saving it for the unveil (which is going to be pretty soon now). In short, I’m feeing good about the decision I made in the last post now that I have the new code implemented. When coming to a new chapter, the camera swoops down to give you a zoomed in introduction to the new beaver you’ll be taking on. In retrospect, it’s one of those additions that you feel should have been a given all along.

I have a whole bunch of programming ahead with character pooling and the special beaver who appears once in the later levels. But this too I’m saving for the media release. After that, I’ll have a few more basic beavers to add and include the “share” functionality for Facebook/Twitter as well.

After extensive testing with my key QA guy, I compiled a lot of notes. Many feature additions were pretty obvious to add; like a replay button on the Game Over screen — hello! But there were a couple key features I figured I’d add in a later version that I now feel more certain I need to add in.

Of course, this is the bane of all programming: the feature creep. It’s hard to determine what is necessary polish vs over perfection.  At some point you have to stop and ship the frigg’n thing.

Alas, I’m not applying my breaks just yet. I’ll plug in the extra time to get these features in, even if it adds another month before I have my beta. Let’s just hope it makes a difference I’m expecting.

Saga Map

Yes, I’m definitely my own worst critic.

In looking through my many version control commits, I see so many pertaining to polish and tinkering at every stage of development. I can’t help it – I want my 1.0 to feel more like a 2.0. But the master plan has always been to prioritize the release with excellence running a close second.

This last week I’ve been doing a lot with the Saga Map UI and its corresponding indicators on the world master map. On the 2D side I’ve probably gone through four or five revisions, trying to get the style to a place I like it. Right now I’m pretty happy, but then I got caught up refining the texture on the globe itself. Perfectionist Me keeps beating out Pragmatic Me.

My original allotted timeline was four months to complete the game to its final state and submit to the app store. That period runs out at the end of this month, so it’s looking more and more like I’ll be going a bit over. Yes, the UI overhaul was an unexpected addition of a few weeks. But that said, I’m still a ways out from my first beta.