Beta Day

Yesterday I delivered my first beta to my test group of around 30 people. The group was put together on Facebook through friends and friends of friends.

At first I was going to have a forum that I’d host here. But given everyone was coming through FB, I had the idea of just creating a secret group and doing all the footwork there to save time/energy. It’s proven surprisingly effective. Sure, it’s not the most ideal of outlets and I technically can’t control the data should it go down or blocked for whatever reason.

I’ve had a hosted Jira account since the summer and am now diligently putting all new feature and bug action items in it. Right now it’s sitting around 24, but I expect it to keep growing as the testing continues. My fellow developer friends have mixed feelings on Jira, but I’ve found it to be pretty useful on the overall for tracking tasks with development.

Overall, the beta is going very well. Lots of positive feedback on the polish of the game and its general feel. While there’ve been a few blocker bugs, they’ve all been very addressable — nothing as bad as a structural memory leak, for example.

The only bit of bad news is that I’ve found I need to do a lot of optimizing. Right now Xcode estimates the overall size of the app to be around 112mb in the app store. I’m going to need to do some optimizing to bring that down quite a bit. Obviously I want this as small as possible given it’s meant to be a very impulse buy-friendly game.

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