Optimizing for Memory and Performance

Since the beta, I’ve been doing a number of things to further optimize the overall game in both memory and performance.

The game features bumpers between levels where chalk gets drawn on to boards for added tips and instruction. It’s meant to feel like a coach giving a play to his team. When I originally made them, they were six pngs per board with alpha channels layered one on top of the other. At only 20-40k each png, I figured it wouldn’t take up much space. But after some investigating, it turns out the iOS application doesn’t compress these as well so they each ended up being about 1.4mb!

Obviously the boards needed a complete overhaul which took several days because they were being recreated as smaller elements within Unity. Moreover, I took the opportunity to redo them all with some new filters in Illustrator and Photoshop which gave them a more consistent feel.

Chalkboard Level 2

Performance-wise, I found a number of things I finally got around to that had been on my list for a while. There were some UI elements that were offscreen yet active which I now have completely inactive and undrawn when not in use. The world map also had a number of level indicators that I now separate into layers, turning on and off the relevant ones when needed.

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