Monthly Archives: December 2014

After taking a week off to travel with the Mrs., I’m back in the saddle working through the next phase: Social.

I haven’t actually played with the Facebook or Twitter api for Unity before this point, but I’m getting the sense it won’t be too bad. Much like Flappy Bird, this game has a particular level of difficulty that opens up a channel for bragging rights. Of course, we then hope that translates to virality, but only post-launch will let us know.

Social Button

I’m also adding more sounds for both transitions and interface (swoops, button clicks, etc.). It’s funny how sound refinement is often disregarded until the last phase of a project for many small teams. I’ve been pretty good throughout the timeline, but my sound work is definitely ramping up a lot more now.

My hope is that by next week I’ll be well into the iOS api for achievements and banging out at least a dozen or so within the system.