Getting the PR Hat Ready

After another ten day trip to visit family for the holidays, I’m back and working through the playbook of the media rollout. While I won’t share what those estimated dates are just yet, I will say the general plan is definitely coming together and the launch is in sight.

Here’s where things get a bit daunting because so much emphasis is put on the “success of the launch.” The iOS App Store is where we will first be launching, and they get 1,000 submissions a day. Right now they have whopping 1.2 million apps to peruse . Sure, there’s a very, very small chance our game gets featured, but you can’t count on that.

Thus, we must advertise!

After a bit of research, I came across an interesting business known as PreApps. It has a web platform it manages to help get betas of apps in the pre-launch stage up and in front of members’ eyes to help build momentum and buzz. While not the only business to offer this model, I did get some good word of mouth approval and liked the research I did on their history and team.

Like the other players in this space they offer additional services, such as guaranteed reviews on major game sites. After some discussion with their CEO, Sean Casto, I decided to take the plunge and signed up for their Premium App Review Submission package.

Will it turn out to be worth it? We’ll see soon enough. I’ll keep the updates coming here as the rollout gets moving in the coming weeks.

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