Second Curve Ball

Over the last six months, I’ve taken a total of five trips of a week to a week and a half at a time. It’s really put a dent in the continuity of coding. I have one final upcoming trip for eleven days in two weeks, then I won’t be traveling again for at least six months or more (except for GDC 2015). I’m looking forward to the time stability for getting the game completed and out the door.

In a previous post, I detailed a curve ball from Unity with regard to the GUI overhaul. This time, I’m getting one from Apple with regard to its push for all App submissions to support 64 bit by February 1st. Unity doesn’t have a stable 64 bit export ready yet, but now has a public beta out that’s making the rounds. I mulled this over for a while and finally decided to just wait a little longer before launching my media push until I felt confident in the exporter.

My hope is that it will be ready and stable by the time I’m back from the upcoming trip, with the game launch around a month later. This would coincide nicely with our trip to GDC at the beginning of March. That would give us a chance to do some networking before the launch.

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