Monthly Archives: February 2015

Since I last posted, there’s been an enormous amount of work added to the game. New polish on the bombs, a new Stats Page, and lots of bug fixes to name a few. But now we finally have the module within the game we’ve been waiting for: Infinity Mode.

Like you might expect, when playing in the Infinity Mode, you can play endlessly. It randomly chooses what chapters you go to and what modifiers each level will have to keep it constantly changing. I also added a score bar the other modes don’t have where you can constantly keep track of your medal counts as well as the total beavers throughout. This is important given there is no level-by-level map screen for Infinite Mode since you start over fresh each time. Thus, your scoring is in what you accumulate overall.

We now have a target date for the media release I can feel confident enough to post here: February 19th. We’ll have screen shots, gameplay video and the general description all listed in the new website and Facebook page for the game. My next week will mainly consist of setting that up and getting it ready to go.