Video Sharing is Caring

Video Settings Page

Video Settings Page

Blame it on GDC.

While I fully intended to stick with the current backlog of bugs and possible ad-based setup on my tight timeline to launch, I saw an impressive demo of Everyplay at the conference that got me looking to add it in today.

“Just a few lines of code and you’re up and running.” I know, I know, we developers hear this all the time. This isn’t my first rodeo. I knew it would probably be a bigger pain to implement than advertised, but I can’t argue with value if it works well. It should invisibly capture video in the background while the user plays, thus allowing them to share their best instant replays. This game — a twitch game, no less — would definitely benefit from that capability.

That said, I managed to still find myself more work by setting up a Video Settings page so the user could further determine how much they would like to use it.

I’m still very sick and really got only a few hours to work on this between binge watching House of Cards. But hopefully I’ll be able to get more time out of bed and in front of the computer tomorrow. Until then, I’m working for Frank Underwood.