Flighty with TestFlight

It’s not easy getting people to test your apps on their iDevices. Typically you need to have them give you their UDID, which is usually done through iTunes while their phone is connected. But people rarely connect their phone to their computer anymore, including yours truly. Moreover, we developers have to bake that UDID into provisioning profiles and configure it every time we want to add people.

TestFlight is supposed to ease this challenge and allow us to simply invite users via email. But there’s a catch: Apple actually reviews every build we send out, even though it is just for testing.

Sometimes this takes a couple hours, but sometimes it takes a couple days. You never know how long it will go on. I submitted a build over 24 hours ago that I’m still waiting on and want to send to two testers as soon as it is approved. But since then, I fixed a key bug and would like to update the submission — but that would just reset the clock.

So alas, I will probably just go with speed over stability this time around…