Big Mac

Mac PC Commercial

I’ve been developing most of my life on Macs. And it has taken about that long to have the kind of mixed environments between Mac and PCs that we take for granted today. The big differences in file formats, SCSI ports, and network protocols are all generally gone now. Today it is easier than ever to work between them, even for software development.

That said, I know quite a few Apple Haters who never shy of telling me how wrong I am to be working on one. I’ve always owned a PC as a secondary computer, and I particularly like the┬áLenovo Yoga I own today. But despite all the improvements in the latest Windows environment and some features I don’t get in OS X, I’m still defaulting to my Mac.

I do have one complaint: They don’t make the 17″ Macbook Pro anymore.

That was far and away my favorite model. Not only did it have the screen real estate I craved, it had an insanely long lasting battery life of 8 to 10 hours. My current MBP is 15″ and lasts a paltry two and a half to three hours.

Rumor has it there will be a new MBP model released in September this year, and I’m definitely due for a replacement. But if they don’t improve a bit more, I might find myself a lot more motivated to switch to the other side.