To Ad or Not To Ad?

If there’s any key decision I’m still on the fence with, it’s ads. I originally planned to release at either $1.99 or .99, everything included. But more recently, I’ve been giving serious consideration to going free, but with ads for revenue.

Obviously the ad-based route will get many more installs as people love to download free games. But will I net more money in the end? I’m not sure.

The biggest issue I’m facing is the fact the whole game very fluidly moves from one state to the next. From the main menu you zoom to your level on the world in the background. The levels themselves pop up from the world and build before your eyes, then pop back as completed when you’ve completed it. Thus, there’s not really any great places to plug in a full screen ad that would feel appropriate.

Ads that cover a portion of the screen are likewise difficult as this would require a lot of retooling the UI to accommodate them. I’ve already done enough rewriting of the UI for this project, I’d prefer to leave that scope alone.

Given these, I think I’m currently leaning toward premium, but then adding an ad-based version if it isn’t doing well in the App Store.