UI Mismatch

Video Capture Overlay UI

Video Capture Overlay UI

I’ve been pretty impressed with the Everyplay plug in. Its video capture doesn’t seem to be obtrusive to my gameplay, although I have yet to test it on much lower iOS devices (and not at all on Android). After the initial setup, I can just call Everyplay.PlayLastRecording() when one is already on deck and the user is presented with this handy overlay. They can scrub forward and back, and even clip off the ends of the video as they see fit to isolate the money shot.

Unfortunately, you might also notice the aesthetic problem too. The whole interface for Beaver Smash is embossed wood with a drop shadow that has a very distinctive look and feel. But the interface style that comes with Everyplay is white symbols and outlines with a semi-transparent black fill (as seen above). Needless to say, this is a clash with the Beaver Smash branding.

If this were much earlier in the project, I’d fret about how to either change this theme or somehow work around it. But given I’m just a few weeks from launch, I’m mulling how forgivable it may really be (mainly for the designer in me). Can I live with the game being near perfectly consistent with the one and only exception of the video interface? At this moment, I don’t know for sure, but I think I’m leaning in that direction.

“C’mon,” I reason┬áto myself, “the game would have to both be a hit and the feature would have to be regularly used to care so much about it.” Maybe. Or maybe I’ll just never feel good about it no matter what happens. Very few things bother me as a consumer of games and apps more than inconsistent design.