Travel Missions: Completed

I’m now typing this from the comfort of my bed after a long flight back from New York. This was a particularly significant flight as it was the very last one I’ll be taking for a long time. Okay… by “long time” I mean November.

Without question, I’ve been traveling more than any other time in my life and it happens to coincide with the beginning of this blog.

I’m too lazy right now to do all the linking with my prior posts, but I can list off the total time I’ve been away:

  • August: 10 days overseas, 4 days out of state
  • September: 8 days overseas
  • October: 4 days out of state
  • December: 8 days overseas, 10 days out of state
  • January: 5 days overseas, 5 days out of state
  • February: 13 days overseas
  • March: 10 days out of state

Which makes for a grand total of 77 days traveling since the beginning of August! It’s a wonder I’ve been able to get any work done on this game in the first place.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the long, contiguous bloc of time ahead.