Productivity Cycles

Today wasn’t one of my more productive days. I did a lot of staring at code, staring at the version control diffs, and general meandering through files. The mojo just wasn’t there.

Obviously everyone goes through ups and downs in their peak productivity, especially engineers. Often I’ll be on a down cycle and wonder, “Is this it? Is this where I slow down permanently?” Usually this is just before a big burst forward that┬áremoves the doubt. But likewise, I can be on a great high from cranking out a lot of code and then find myself slowing to a crawl on the most mundane of obstacles.

It’s maddening!

My plan as it stands is still to launch on the 26th, a week from this Thursday. Given I’ve never launched before, I wouldn’t be surprised if I have to delay it for one reason or another. The engine is in great shape and there’s just a few things more to do. Thus, I reason to myself, I should be more than motivated every day until the big launch to shape everything up.

I’m sure this goes the same goes for gym memberships. You reason that paying for one every month will be motivation enough for you to go, especially if you’ve worked out plenty of times before signing up. But sometimes… you’re just on a down cycle.