Giving Credit Where It’s Due

Today I’ve been working the “Credits Scene” which you will see when beating one of the modes — or rather, beating a beatable mode like Normal or Impossible (you can’t ever beat Infinite).

Here’s a free preview:

  • Co-Art Director, Brianna Leahy
  • Beaver Modeling and Rigging, Matt Ostgard
  • Original Music, Lance Lockwood
  • Quality Assurance, Travis Firmin and Bruce Liu

And then there’s me, Dave Feldman. I still don’t know exactly what I’ll put yet. I’m thinking “Created and Developed by”… but I’m not sure.

I originally planned to have something big and extravagant for the credits. But now I’m just trying to manage something low memory cost and straightforward. There’s just not enough time left to run another lap of expansion.