Business Happenings, New Contest, and One More Delay

Today has been pretty eventful.

On the business front, I learned there are a few more hoops I need to jump through for Apple to be qualified to publish on the business front. I’ll save your eyes from glazing over and fastforward this part of the story.

The PreApps guy also thought I might be underestimating the delay on Apple’s approval of the app by as much as two or three days. Given that, I knew I’d need to delay the launch by at least a week. But if I’m delaying it at all, I decided I might as well go for two weeks and add one more week for beta testing and QA.

Yeah, I know — this thing has already been delayed quite a bit beyond the original intended launch date. But to be fair, this isn’t a back-to-the-drawing board delay, or a rewrite of a major area (like the GUI overhaul), or the addition of another feature. This is a strict stabilization pass, something I’ve always felt my previous jobs never put enough time into. I guess I’m finally facing the music myself.

On a much happier note, I decided this also gives me a more solid gap to hold a contest in order to gather greater beta test range when the Release Candidate is ready next week. More on that later.