Mini Game Jam

My morning was absorbed the the unfortunate revelation that Apple won’t let you use a DBA name from your Sole Proprietorship in the App Store. In other words, Beaver Smash would be listed as from “Dave Feldman” instead of “Iron Ninja Games”. This meant a long and sorted detour to converting the company to an LLC. And by long, I mean this process will take a couple weeks.

After getting all the filings setup and in motion, I found myself doing a 2.5 hour project for a friend. He had an idea for a game that involved 3D physics and after some back-and-forth discussion, I decided to just bust out a prototype. Obviously I knew each minute I spent with it was a minute away from Beaver Smash. Yet this side journey proved a helpful recharge and I was able to get a burst of productivity in toward the end of the night.