Will Our App Size Be An Issue?

Earlier this week Xcode gave the “estimated size” of our app for the App Store at 127mb. Too much!¬†We have to be under 100mb to allow for downloads over the air, so it’s a no-brainer to optimize that last 27mb+ off.

One of the last big tasks I was set to hit was¬†progressive download of our music. Since the music takes up 12 megs compressed and 2-3 times that uncompressed, I figured I’d get some good savings with this new structure. But after completing it, the new estimate came in at 120mb. Cue the sad violin.

What rattles me is the .ipa file — the actual app file for Ad Hoc builds — is just 48mb. These files decompress when installed onto the iOS device to become much larger of course. But I’d presume the App Store size would be more like the .ipa file than this larger estimate Xcode is giving me.

I guess as our first submission, we’ll get to find out the reality soon enough…