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There have been three large developments since the last time I blogged. Two of these I’m not yet able to discuss, and the third I would be — except it ties into the other two. I’ll just say at this time I’m delaying Beaver Smash a little longer, and it isn’t a bad thing… but that’s really all I can write at this time.

More info coming in the near future…

Last Minute Sounds (Part II)


SoundwaveToday I spent a lot of time tweaking the sounds I made yesterday, trying to get the inflection just right. The initial attack sounds were just too relaxed. Making your voice sound like a cartoon beaver is very easy, you just change the pitch. But making it sound exasperated and intense… well, that’s really on you, the talent.

Thus, much of the morning was spent getting into character and acting out the actions themselves. I’m sure if my wife were around I wouldn’t have been able to edit out all the background laughter from the track.

Last Minutes Sounds (Part I)

Beaver Sound

I’ve seen it numerous times as a software developer – the very late addition of a sound library right before launch.

Sure, everyone figured there would be a lot more sound tailoring throughout the process. But like QA, sounds often take a backseat to the latest slate of visual tasks and bugs. We often reason to ourselves, “hey, adding the right sounds will be maybe one afternoon’s work.” In the mean time, we just have the core set of sounds that very little thought and work was put into.

Since I have a little extra time, (unexpectedly) I’ve taken a more serious run at the sounds in Beaver Smash and am very glad I did. I’ve added unique attack sounds to almost every type of beaver and a new yelling sound most will make when blown away by bombs.

By the end of the day, I was satisfied with the general direction, but I can tell I’ll need to do more refining tomorrow.

New Splash Screen


New App Splash Screen

New App Splash Screen

Like the icon, I’ve gone through several iterations of the splash screen, which appears when the game is loading up for the first time. But today, I finally figured out something I really like that both fits the brand and not-too-intrusively brings in the business logo.

Icon Finalized

New Beaver Smash Icon

New Beaver Smash Icon

Bri and I worked on this for a surprisingly long time. This is probably the 20th iteration. But now I’m finally at a point I really like it.

I wanted to accomplish a few things with the new version:

  • Use an existing beaver and its style from the game
  • Have some kind of action or danger represented, but without adding too much complexity
  • Accomplish standing out and distinct from most of the color schemes I see in the iOS App Store currently

This icon does all three for me. I’ve even mocked it up against the featured list to see how it might or might not stand out:

Icon Compared with Featured App Icons of April 12th, 2015

Icon Compared with Featured App Icons of April 12th, 2015

Your milage may vary, but I for one am pretty pleased.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug

Bed Bug

Today was mostly spent with the Mrs celebrating our anniversary. But in the evening I did manage to knock out a few bugs while working from my laptop in bed.

More Art, Less Programming

Level 9 Bumper for Impossible Mode

Level 9 Bumper for Impossible Mode

I hereby designate today as Chalkboard Day.

Whereas all the other days I’ve had a half dozen or more varied tasks, today I was building each and every chalkboard bumper for Impossible Mode. It has been long, tedious, and boring. But at least it’s done!

It’s Snowing

Snow in the Antarctica Level

Snow in the Antarctica Level

Almost everything I’m doing programmatically now is in the Bug Fixing Department, as it should be. Any new features added at this stage present risk.

Yet I was able to get in a long desired feature with little coding risk: snow in the Antarctica levels. Sure, it’s only a broad particle effect that really had no gameplay bearing. But boy does it make the level cooler. (Uh… pun unintended)

Last Loose End: The Icon


For once, neither programming nor bureaucracy are the potential bottlenecks. This time it might be the icon.

I mentioned revamping this illustration is on my short list in a previous post, but I didn’t think it would be a big thing. Actually, now it’s looking like a several day kind of thing. Bri and I have been working through the week on it and hope to have it done by Monday.

If we do, that might just be the day we submit to Apple as almost everything else is ready to go. (Fingers crossed)

One Moment Please…

Sad Face

I’m sorry to say I have a family medical event I need to tend to for a couple days, so I’ll be out of action for a moment. But never fear, I’m setting up tomorrow’s post now so as not to break the continuum.