The Elusive Commando Beaver

Commando Beaver -- tap the grenades he lobs before they reach your trees

Commando Beaver — tap the grenades he lobs before they reach your trees

When I was initially building the game, I had a special beaver rigged as the “Commando Beaver,” who would first appear in the Difficult Mode. In fact, he was the only one to NOT be introduced in the initial Normal Mode.

His mechanics were different than the other beavers in that he would appear, lob a grenade at a random tree, then submerge into the ground. The challenge was either tapping him before he lobbed the grenade or disarming the thrown grenade in the air before it landed on your tree.

The original plan has changed with Infinity Mode replacing Difficult Mode, which makes the original introduction moot. Plus, I’m less reluctant to place the Commando Beaver in the Normal Mode anyway as I think the majority of players will probably play there for a while before moving on to other games. So what the heck, I might as well make use of him there.

At first I thought I’d add him at a much later level — the Ground Zero chapter being the most appropriate. But then I was struck by the idea he might actually add a lot to the game if plugged in earlier on. A kind of catfish, if you will. Thus, my new build has him showing up at level 4 and appearing roughly 1 out of every 10 beavers just to see how it feels.

I guess I’ll know if this was a good idea after a lot of playtesting tomorrow…