How Good is Good Enough for Gold?

Gold Medals

I’ve had an ongoing philosophical battle with my testers. I contend that in order to get Gold Medals, you have to be truly excellent. That means saving¬†100%, making the time goal, and having 100% tap accuracy.¬†But they feel I’m being too harsh.

One you get a gold in one category, you can go for the gold in another. For example, you could play a level just looking to save all the trees, while having poor accuracy, but then replay with little regard for the trees while trying hard to make sure every shot counted to have total accuracy. Seems easy enough, right?

Alas, only a couple players can really get the 100% accuracy at the later levels on Normal. So today, finally, I’ve decided to relax the accuracy standard to 97% or more to get the gold. It might be a little easier — but you’re still going to have to work for it!