Last Minutes Sounds (Part I)

Beaver Sound

I’ve seen it numerous times as a software developer – the very late addition of a sound library right before launch.

Sure, everyone figured there would be a lot more sound tailoring throughout the process. But like QA, sounds often take a backseat to the latest slate of visual tasks and bugs. We often reason to ourselves, “hey, adding the right sounds will be maybe one afternoon’s work.” In the mean time, we just have the core set of sounds that very little thought and work was put into.

Since I have a little extra time, (unexpectedly) I’ve taken a more serious run at the sounds in Beaver Smash and am very glad I did. I’ve added unique attack sounds to almost every type of beaver and a new yelling sound most will make when blown away by bombs.

By the end of the day, I was satisfied with the general direction, but I can tell I’ll need to do more refining tomorrow.