The Big Recap

Ninjas of our Lives

[Previously, in Season 1 of Iron Ninja]

We left our heroes at the season finale of launching Beaver Smash. The team feels good about the project and having finally shipped their first title.

Yet now they must face their greatest challenge in launching… THE NEXT GAME! (Cut to a series of dramatic scenes where artists and developers throw things at each other while arguing intensely)

First, they turned to a dungeon crawler concept, which many were excited about. But after three weeks of development in August, it was clear the level of effort needed to complete the project would require eight to twelve months. (More dramatic scenes showing despair and doubt)

Then a new game idea emerged, one that seemed simple and straightforward. Perhaps it could be built in three or four months, but surely no more than that. Yes, it would combine something they had never done before… it would have online multiplayer!

After some initial alpha testing, they realize they were on to something truly new, and perhaps really addictive. “Okay, maybe a little more than four months. This one might be worth it.”