Running and Thinking


I’m training for a half marathon which I’ll be running in a little over three weeks from now.

And actually, I’m only 1/2 training as I haven’t been keeping up with the program as planned. I’ve missed half my runs due to getting too caught up in the work cycle of game development. In fact, it’s really more like 1/3 as I’ve done pretty much none of the cross training that also wraps into the program. So I’m starting to expect that fateful marathon Sunday in my near future will pretty miserable.

Regardless, I managed to crank out 5 miles this evening without keeling over.

While running can get pretty boring, it does afford one the time to think. Often I find myself planning new modules of code for the project I’m currently on. But this time around I thought of a Big Idea. I can’t reveal it just yet (that will come after some development), but I will say if it works I’ll certainly remember the steep hill I was running up lot more fondly.